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Guided Spiritual Travel and Sound Healing

When you connect with your inner self – that’s when the change really happens!


Are you ready to take a journey with me? Making the time to explore somewhere new, to walk and talk, eat great food, laugh, tell stories and of course learn - mutual learning about our own individual journey in this crazy world we live in.

Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  

Rumi (13th Century Persian poet)

My Services

...through the resonance of sound and vibration.

Going deep...

...embracing change for spiritual healing.

Cleansing and healing...
Co-creating a journey...

...making the time to follow your dreams.

It is only by making the decision to embark on the journey, will your purpose in life be revealed to you........


For more information about my work please do not hesitate to contact me - by text, phone or email!



Međimurje County, Croatia

From my base in Croatia,

I operate around the world!  

Thank you for your message - I will be in touch shortly. Alegra

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