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Earth Star Chakra Workshop

SATURDAY, 14th of May 2022

FROM 10:00-17:00

Center Terra Anima, Radomlje, Slovenija


Earth Star Chakra Workshop - connecting to the power of Mother Earth

“In order for our green leaves to reach up to the sky we need to have our roots firmly planted in the ground.”

This workshop is all about grounding yourself in nature. Terra Anima is the perfect place for you to take the time and to connect yourself with the power of Mother Earth. Here in this beautiful location we will make a Sacred Healing Circle, and together we will travel deep within ourselves and into the energy of the Earth.

We will be working with our Earth Star Chakra. This is sometimes called the ‘Super root’ or by its Sanskrit name of ‘Vasundhara,’ which translates as ‘The Daughter of the Earth.’ The Earth Star Chakra is the energy centre that is the bridge between ourselves and Mother Earth. Located approximately 30 cms below us, it is our direct link to all the earthly energies.

The Earth Star Chakra provides an anchor for both the physical and the spiritual world. It allows us to harmonise our energetic body with the energies from the core of Mother Earth, thereby grounding and nourishing us. Just as the roots of a tree are connected through the ground with the energy and information of all the other trees, we are also connected through our Earth Star Chakra with the collective consciousness of all humanity.

In order to grow we need to be grounded. This workshop will help you become more grounded and as a consequence make yourself more open to abundance and health at all levels. Working as a Sacred Healing Circle we will also send much needed healing deep into Mother Earth.

The cost of this Day Workshop is 50 euros for those in work and 20 euros for those with low or no income.

Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share and a mat or blanket to lie on.

+386 41 980 876

I will be running a monthly Workshop at Terra Anima during the warmer months.

Terra Anima is close to Ljubljana and easily accessible from Zagreb. Please contact me for information about car sharing or for further information



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