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Free your voice and connect with your soul: Harmony, Pašman island

 26th June – 3rd July 2020 


Harmony is an amazing place to find inner peace and tranquillity. Located on the beautiful island of Pašman it is also accessible from both Split and Zadar airports.

This Seminar week is an opportunity to listen to your own authentic voice and then to make a deep connection with your inner self. Journeying together in a safe and supportive group, you will gain a greater understanding of the healing power of sound, your own voice and its ability to transform and empower. 

Voice work is not about singing; it is about using your voice as a profound healing instrument. Your own personal sound is a sacred and transformative tool and by harnessing its power you can expand your ability to express yourselves and deepen your understanding of your personal route to happiness. This expression of your inner self brings with it the potential for real and lasting change.

Together we will explore our energy bodies and gently clear and balance our chakras, leaving you physically relaxed and peaceful. This process will also provide a pathway for journeying deeper into the spirit world. The chakras are subtle energy points around the body, which act as gateways between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Chakra healing techniques bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies into balance, a very important element of healing and spiritual growth.

We will also work on identifying personal intentions for future happiness and positive change, and as Ceremony is an essential part of holistic healing, we will hold an ‘Intentions Setting Ceremony’ in the final session. 

As a Shamanic practitioner I work with the Spirit world and this allows me to include this within my Sound Healing sessions. Shamanism refers to a wide range of traditional beliefs and practices and is based on the understanding that we are all connected. This includes the recognition that everything, including our Mother Earth, has a spirit and is alive. 

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