The Transition Retreat Centre in rural Croatia is a very beautiful and peaceful location for deep and meaningful spiritual work.

Free your voice and connect with your soul 

A four-day intensive retreat in quality and relaxing surroundings, provides an extraordinary opportunity to make a deep connection with your soul.

Free Your Voice and connect with your soul Retreats are an opportunity to listen to your own authentic voice and then to make deep contact with your inner self. Journeying together in a safe and supportive group, you will gain a greater understanding of the healing power of sound, your own voice and its ability to transform and empower. 


Your voice is the expression of your soul and represents your energy and life force. This includes all your history and all the things that you have ever experienced, seen and been a part of. It contains information about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. In this workshop you will find a way to connect with that deeper part of yourself that is waiting to be heard.


Voice work is not about singing; it is about using your voice as a profound healing instrument. Your own personal sound is a sacred and transformative tool and by harnessing its power you can expand your ability to express yourselves and deepen your understanding of your personal route to happiness. This expression of your inner self brings with it the potential for real and lasting change.


Over the years the area around our throat (and voice) collects all sorts of blockages and suppressions. With time these inhibit our ability to communicate and to express ourselves fully.  Focused cleansing work on the throat chakra removes these unconsciously held energy blocks and allows freedom of expression for our inner voice to be fully heard. This work is very transformational and personally empowering, as by gaining a deeper understanding of our own personal rhythm and authentic voice, we gain an insight into our potential unique self.


Everything is energy and vibration. Quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. Therefore by listening to our own unique sound signature we have a way of observing ourselves as beings which radiate energy and vibration. This is serious and deep work as the process of connecting to your voice also involves connecting to your energetic life force and your soul.

The healing power of sound is recognised within ancient wisdom and the opportunity to take the time to give and to receive sound, is a sacred gift that is profoundly insightful. This is an ageless practice that has been understood by ancient cultures for millennia. 


We will use the Medicine Wheel as the structure for our shared healing, consciously exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.  Together we will journey to find our inner spiritual identity, seeking and sharing guidance and wisdom. This is powerful deep work.  


This workshop is not about singing and you do not need to have singing experience or a desire to sing publicly. It is about using your voice to connect with your inner self, for your own healing, our collective healing and the healing of Mother Earth and beyond.

This workshop is for you:

  • If you want to empower your voice and build your self-confidence

  • If you would like the time to give and to receive heart and soul connections

  • If you want to expand your potential for living life to the full.

  • If you are interested in exploring the power of ancient wisdom teachings, sound and vibration.

  • If you want to be the change...........

2019 dates: June 7-10  

Cheap flights to Pula, Croatia

Practical details

Location: The Retreats will take place at the beautiful Transition Retreat Centre in Istria, Croatia. This is easily accessible from Slovenia and Northern Italy as well as cheap flights to Pula (the secret is to book well in advance!) The accommodation is in shared en-suite rooms 2/3 people with a full breakfast, delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner with beverages and snacks provided throughout the day.

Duration: The Retreats will start with lunch on Friday and finish with lunch on the Monday, participants can arrive/leave earlier by arrangement with the Centre, who can also arrange pick ups from the airport etc.

Costs: The excellent rate for shared accommodation, full board and all sessions is €265 (£235). A non refundable deposit of €50 is required to reserve a place (This may be transferred to another person or later Retreat on agreement and circumstances.) Payment can be made in GBP, Euro or Kuna. (Some fee concessions are available on an individual basis, please contact me.)

Limited Places: This Retreat is limited to 10 people as we will work and journey together in an intensive and supportive way, so early booking is strongly recommended.

 Make the time to connect with your soul.

It will change your life. 

To make a booking or for more information please contact me

I work in English but don't worry if your English is not that good, I speak slowly and clearly and have many years experience of working with non-native English speakers!

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