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Here is the information from a previous Retreat. 

Learn how to use your Passion: for the benefit of yourself, others and Mother Earth, a 3 day Workshop for those who know they are ready for this.


Spoznaj primjenu svoje strasti: pridruži nam se na trodnevnoj radionici u prirodi i mogućnosti da zaroniš duboko u sebe i pronađeš svoj način kako iskoristiti svoju strast za sebe, druge i Majku Zemlju.


This Workshop is for people who feel that they are ready to go to the next level of working with others. Your passion might be drumming, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, being in nature or something as yet unknown to you. However, you feel driven to find a way to go deeper into yourself, whilst at the same time enabling others on their journey. You might already be running Workshops, Retreats, Sacred Circles or similar, or you might just be starting to consider the possibility of working with others, finding ways to collectively connect and grow.


I work as an Elder and part of my journey now, here in Croatia, is to enable younger people to find their own ways of growing their passion: for themselves, others and humanity. But learning should be mutual and this process of enabling others to learn about their passion, is also assisting me in my learning as an Elder.


If you are aware that Mother Earth needs our help, then you will also know that this is the time for us to step forward: to find our own unique way of contributing. We know that we are in the era of transformation and change but it is difficult to be certain about our own personal role in this process.


From my experience the best way to do this is to take the time to go deep within ourselves, to connect with our own individual passion. From this basis clarity can come as to the best ways to develop and enrich our own practice, abilities and skills. These are our own personal tools, our way of engaging with other people, our vehicle for gratitude and growth


In this Workshop I will not be teaching you how to run retreats or similar events. My approach is to assist others to find their own ways of working, but we can learn by watching others and seeing how to adapt things for ourselves. What I will be doing is holding a Sacred Space where there will be an opportunity for you to go deep within yourself, in order to connect with your own unique powers. Working as a group in a Sacred Circle enhances the learning process significantly and provides a beautiful and safe place for personal insights and collective learning.


This Workshop is not a holiday but a time for learning in a very beautiful and peaceful place, surrounded by nature and connected to others on a similar journey. Of course there will be fun and laughter as well as time for personal reflection. During the Workshop there will be no time to go to the seaside, so I suggest you either go on Thursday before the Workshop or Sunday after we have finished.


EIA eco Arts Centre has basic natural facilities and you can either bring your own tent and camp or sleep in one of the lodges (at extra cost of 100 kuna), please bring your own bedding. Breakfast and one main vegetarian meal will be provided, cooked communally by the group, but you may wish to bring extra snacks, drinks and water for yourself and to share. There will not be an opportunity to go out to the shops during the Workshop. This will be a rural retreat, and the opportunity to spend this time fully immersed in nature is an integral part of our time together.



We will start with a Talking Circle on the Thursday evening and conclude with a Talking Circle on the Sunday morning. The time between these two Circles will be an opportunity for you to find and engage with your passion, through shamanic journeying, envisaging your passion, clearing and releasing obstacles that are stopping you, fireside drumming and sharing your passion through leading an authentic experience for others.

You will also become part of a small group which takes responsibility at different times for collecting wood, preparing and cooking food etc.

Financial costs will be minimal but total commitment essential. Contact me directly and soon if you know you need to be at this Workshop and I will send you an application form. Places will be limited and after the deposit has been paid, you will be invited to join a private FB group to assist in travel arrangements etc. The Workshop will be in English, however translation will be available into Croatian as and when required.


Dare to try!

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