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Sound Healing
Sound Healing

I use sound and vibration to work with the energy body and the chakras. This includes drumming, the Monochord, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, rattles, chimes and my voice; each session is always unique to the individual or group.


Sound Healing involves the cleansing and releasing of energies, as well as receiving feelings of harmony, balance and physical relaxation.


The sounds and vibration of the instruments, and the voice, resonate with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields, bringing deep healing and a sense of well being. 

In my Workshops and Retreats I also work with the breath and the voice, exploring our energy bodies and gently clearing and balancing our chakras. The chakras are subtle energy points around the body, which act as gateways between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Chakra healing techniques bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies into balance, a very important element of healing and spiritual growth.
This process provides a pathway for journeying deeper into the spirit world. I also work on identifying personal intentions for future happiness and positive change, and as Ceremony is an essential part of holistic healing this is incorporated into the sessions.

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices and is based on the understanding that we are all connected. This includes the recognition that everything, including our Mother Earth, has a spirit and is alive. With this knowledge also comes responsibility. 


I am a Shamanic practitioner because I also work within the Spirit world and this allows me to include these connections within my Sound Healing practice.

I trained as a Sound Healer in Belgium in 2012, with Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum, co-founders and directors of the Spanish and International Associations of Sound Therapy. In 2017 I attended their first Advanced Sound Healing Course in Spain.  

Since 2012 I have developed my work to include 1:1 Healing Sessions, Group Workshops and Retreats in a variety of locations. For many years, during the summer months, I was often found at the Harmony Centre on the lovely Croatian island of Pašman. Sadly no longer there, Harmony offered the opportunity for deep relaxation through cleansing the physical and the energy bodies through a vegetarian diet, herbal teas, gentle exercise, seminars, dance and of course the sun and the sea. 

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla
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