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Elder Wisdom

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As I have become older, now a grandmother with fully grown sons, I have realised that my role has become that of an Elder. This wasn't an easy process and definitely not one I took on lightly.

As an Elder I know I don't have all the answers, but what I do have is many years of experience and a growing recognition within myself that this has given me wisdom. This does not mean that I give advice, but what I can do is to provide the space for you to ask yourself the necessary questions.

It can be very difficult to listen to your inner voice when it has to compete with the noise and busyness of everyday life. Finding the time to genuinely reflect on your purpose and role in life is easily lost amongst the cares and concerns of our twenty first century existence.


My offering is that of holding a safe and nurturing space. I do this by listening, telling stories and finding ways for you to gain a greater understanding of your priorities and sense of direction. We will walk in nature, eat together, talk together and find other ways of taking the time just to be present.


I enable people to go as deep as they wish to go. For some the exploration stays very focused on their particular needs and wants for this time. For others there is the opportunity to reflect on deeper spiritual issues. The choice is always yours. My role is that of a mirror, enabling your thoughts to surface without judgement and I do this by providing a safe and supportive space.


In this time of extra-ordinary changes many of us can feel a bit lost, bombarded by so much information and global news. We struggle to focus on the day to day, the little things, the details of our lives. However these are the important things, as these are the only things that we actually have the opportunity to make choices about.


Working with me involves taking the time to stop, to reflect, to not consciously make any decisions at all. It is also a space where you will be nurtured, to be seen....and to be heard. This is my gift. What happens when I provide this space is down to you!

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