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Insightful Journeys
Insightful journeys

Insightful Journeys


Every journey starts by making the first small step - but don't be deceived this is usually the hardest move to make!


I offer my services as an Elder and Spiritual Guide on the understanding that our paths might join for a period of time but our journeys are all individual and unique. I work through the concept of co-creation which is built on a desire for mutual learning and an openness of approach.

My journeys take a variety of forms and are usually an opportunity to join a small group undertaking some form of real or virtual retreat, ceremony or trip. I can assist with all practical details, offering support particularly to those who are doing things for the first time.

All journeys involve going from one place to another, insightful journeying requires a willingness to travel deeper, to see the inner nature of things, to reflect and to learn….. and of course to have fun in the process!


I also offer bespoke journeys and for these, the world is your oyster! Sometimes these occur because of a natural alignment of travel plans, and at other times they occur as a consequence of long held dreams becoming a reality.


Journeying has played a very fundamental role in my spiritual path, which has given me a profound appreciation that it is only through healing ourselves that we can contribute to the healing of the whole.


We are responsible for our own lifetime’s learning, and sometimes this does not happen until the agony of not learning - is the painful catalyst for the insight to be finally understood. Buffffff – life can be hard - but clarity is just soooooo beautiful. 

Life is like surfing on the wave of a tsunami, and we cannot get off……. the only thing we can do is to try and keep standing - and to enjoy the ride!!! The changes occurring are so enormous, so global yet also so very personal and individual. We yearn to find a purpose, a mission, a reason for being alive, but genuine insight can only occur when we journey inside ourselves and understand that we are part of everything.

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 A huge lesson of my spiritual journey has been the recognition of the importance of small things. There is so much going on in the world that we have absolutely no way of influencing. It can be easy to get drawn into the media whirlpool of other people's misery and pain. I try to focus on the things I can actually change on a day-to-day basis. I love the fact the we do have choices, all the time, we make a million small decisions. The gift of a smile can make the world of difference!

The time to reflect is a gift and an opportunity to appreciate the richness of life. Gratitude is an incredibly powerful healing emotion that can transform everything in one's life.


I'm alive! What a Blessing!

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‘And you? When will you begin your long journey into yourself?’

~ Rumi 

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