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Retreats: Holding a Sacred Space

In this section I describe the kind of activities that make up sessions in my Retreats and Workshops.

In principle what I offer in my Retreat sessions is the opportunity to enter a Sacred Circle. I hold the space for a group of individuals to work together in such a way that they can have a conversation with their own inner voice, their unique soul. Working with me involves going deep. Although the Circle involves a group of people, where we go is intensely personal.

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We do this through a variety of activities including breath work and voice toning. This cleanses, clears and balances the Chakras in order to bring harmony and alignment. The Chakras are subtle energy points around the body, which act as gateways between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Chakra healing brings balance and is a very important element of healing and spiritual growth.

I use the Medicine Wheel as the structure for our shared journey. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient tool that was used by our ancestors at various levels; from that of an individual and their health, through problem solving and community cohesion to the relationship with Mother Earth and the Spirit World. It is still very widely used within indigenous communities and it has a growing use in both personal and professional development.

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Together we explore the four directions of the Medicine Wheel and their relationship with Father Sky and Mother Earth, all of which symbolise dimensions of our health and the cycles of life. At the centre of the Medicine Wheel is the point of harmony and balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life.

Going round the Medicine Wheel enables us to consider these different aspects and to see which ones need to be addressed in order to find personal health and healing. These traditional way of looking at the interconnectivity of all things help us to see the reasons, cycles and patterns that exist in our own lives and provide a pathway through which we can deeply connect with our souls.


Working as a group, together in person or virtually, we give and receive mutual support and recognition, taking time to connect beyond ourselves to Mother Earth and the Universe, appreciating with gratitude feelings of unity and wholeness.

I also use Sound Journeys, Guided Meditations and Visualisations as a way to travel deep into the inner world in order to find new paths to peace and insight. I will, if appropriate, take the group on a Shamanic Journey seeking the assistance of spirit guides to gain further knowledge of the symbols and the signs that are above us and within us.

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I do not see myself as a teacher but more of a guide. I do not offer advice, I do not counsel but what I do is to provide a space where individuals can connect with themselves, where they have the time to find their own truth and to see the importance of their own journey. I hold a safe and supportive environment where there is also laughter and fun as in my way of thinking, we are not only here to learn but also to be happy.

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      Earth                Water              Fire                 Air


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I am very interested in working in partnership with other Workshop Leaders and Retreat venues as I feel my work complements that of others seeking truth and enlightenment in these amazingly changing and chaotic times. Please do get in touch and we can talk about future possibilities: contact me.

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