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Sinjac House: a place to nurture your Soul.


My new little Retreat Centre

For many years I have dreamt about having my own Retreat Centre. In May 2023, unexpectedly and almost by accident, I got the opportunity to buy a little house. The location is absolutely amazing as the house is in a very remote area of Croatia, surrounded by forests and with a magnificent view. The crowning feature of the house's position is the fact that it is less than 50 metres from Sinjac Lake. These four small, yet incredibly deep lakes, are a natural krast spring which brings water from deep underground (part of the Plitvice lakes complex.) The lakes turn into a small river of less than two kilometres which then takes the water back down into the ground. It is a truly magical and mysterious place, and there it is - literally a stone's throw away from my new little Retreat Centre!


Sinjac House is currently undergoing a major renovation as it needed a lot of work to make it habitable again. It will be a small comfortable special little house where individuals and small groups can benefit from spending time in this wonderful place. From the spring of 2024 I would love to welcome visitors; to start with volunteers to help me complete the work needed, painting and planting etc. In return I will collect you from wherever, and then nurture your bodies and souls as we work together on completing the house and grounds. Later in the year I will host those of you who want to stay for a few days and experience the silence, beauty and joy of a spiritual journey in nature. If you are interested in either please contact me.

in knowing more?

Video of Lake Sinjac

Sinjac House,

Jezero 35,

Jezero I Dio,

Plaški, 47300,

Ogulin, Croatia

Tel/WhatsApp: +385915666335

or +447973247930

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