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Travelling in Turkey

The Universe provided an unexpected journey to the old town of Antalya with my sister Jenny. Always a pleasure to travel with. We watched the swifts flying above us and swooping down to drink from the pool. Wandered around the old town visiting mosques and having lovely conversations with all sorts of people. Spent time meditating together, with our deep ancestral connection, and just had a beautiful time together.


Always lovely to work in Georgia. This time I was in Tbilisi and Zugdidi, working with groups of academics, administrators and students on how best to support and integrate students from non-traditional backgrounds. Some of the students Listening skills! Out and about Working hard! I love Georgia...... ... and especially Georgian spices!

This Earth Gathering

The sun shone on this Earth Gathering of women as we met together to share clear intentions for the manifestation of change in the world. Sharing stories we connected, learning from each other, all women, all ages – honouring each other and ourselves and we were immersed in the powerful wisdom of women working together.

Erti Suli festival....

Still resonating with the Powerful Peace of the Erti Suli festival. This was my last altar - ashes from Grandfather Fire and new leaves from the forest. We honoured and remembered the past with all its grief and joy and recognised the unknown beautiful mystery of the future by being present in the here and now. Appreciating the support and love which made deep connections and transformation possible. And the biggest fire churn imaginable which empowered the children to recognise their role in changing the future........


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