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You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Today was the third day of my Camino. In some ways it was very beautiful - we started early after an amazing stay in Casa Fernanda.  Fernanda and her family provide an extraordinarily hospitable stay for pilgrims. We were very lucky as 2 people had cancelled and we stayed in the Casa and a she provided us with tapas, a beautiful home cooked meal, we were plied with local wine.  We sang, laughed,  connected and just felt so LUCKY!! This morning we started our day with a good breakfast and all for a voluntary donation. Fernanda loves the Camino and the pilgrims.  She does this 7 days a week,  52 weeks a year - with love.  She was very clear why she did it because she wants the pilgrims to walk

Help when you are lost!

Today was the second day of my Camino. It has been very, very hot so the decision to start with a couple of easy stages was a good one! Today we went off the path - deliberately because we wanted to find a shop to buy some lunch - but didn't find a shop and got lost.  I had been reflecting on destinations - where are we going - we didn't really know we were lost because we thought we could re-join the trail. At this point a man stopped his car and was most emphatic that we turned around as we were going in the wrong direction - he just stopped his car - we were just walking. So my reflection was - sometimes you think you know where you are going but you don't - and at this time someone will

Journeying to Portugal

Was more eventful than anticipated - I ended up with an night in Madrid - here is a video  which explained what happened. It seemed that my Camino started early.... Sharing stories -and yes we talked in a queue in an aiport for hours, rather then walking together on the Camino - but the learning and insight was the same. Maybe that's  my first lesson to take home with me - it doesn't have to be at an assigned time or place - eg walking the Camino - the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding can occur anywhere!

Nearly time to walk the Camino

Today I went walking with the dogs by the River Drava..... realising that I start my Camino journey this Friday when I fly to Portugal, meeting Jenny at Porto. We then have one day with Alex,Lara and Alba before we start our Camino on Sunday. I will record my journey via Facebook live and then link these back to this blog!

Harmony Seminar

This was my first Seminar series at Harmony but hopefully not my last! It was the last week of the programme and it was a peaceful time to be on the coast. Although the weather was still very warm there was a feeling that it was the end of the season and a real awareness of change. The energy at Harmony is very special and the group were very willing to go deep....... so we went deep! There was much healing on an individual level and to work with a group like this is very powerful as we contributed to the healing of Mother Earth and beyond. Very special and beautiful week.


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