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Herbal Medicine weekend

Spring time in Plaški

We met in the beautiful Plaški valley in Spring time. The time of rebirth and new beginnings.

The valley was full of primroses, a flower that I always associate with my late Mother. Her birthday was in spring and she loved these little yellow flowers, that appeared when few other flowers are around.

We stayed in House Sara and it was warm and welcoming. We walked together, ate together, laughed together and explored the wisdom of the plant world.

​​Isidora led the way as we forage and collected. Finding hidden treasures and beginning to understand their ancient names and purposes.

We also went to the waters of the Goddess. This amazing spring births the rivers that feed into the beautiful Plitvice Lakes. Crystal clear and clean the water rises from deep within Mother Earth.

Back in House Sara we went on a deeply relaxing Sound Journey, bathing in the sound and vibrations.

On the Saturday evening we sat around Grandfather Fire, telling stories and making intentions for the coming year.

A beautiful weekend of rebirth and spring.....


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