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The Ubuntu Sound Healing Circle

This Workshop was very special. Working in a circle we visited the Five Elements of the Medicine Wheel and created the most beautiful Mandala of Sound. Toning together, we cleared energies and connected our Chakras in a Sacred Circle. The Altars were sacred spaces dedicated to the Elements which I made under a canopy in the Khoisan Camp, where the Workshop was held. These provided a focus for our work, prayers and voices. The Earth Altar The Water Altar The Fire Altar The Air Altar Working together the energy of the Circle was very strong and healing. Beautiful work..........

Ubuntu festival.....

The Ubuntu festival was an extraordinary event. There were three main sites: a main stage with wonderful musicians mainly from Southern Africa, though some European; a Seminar programme with some amazing speakers including Michael Tellinger who had organised the whole event; and a camp of Khoisan people who had come from across the country and beyond. The festival was held in the Mbombela Stadium, this was not really a very accommodating venue as the three sites were quite a way away from each other and the audiences were very different. I ran my Workshop in the Khoisan camp and that was very special. The Khoisan people are known as Africa's first people or the Bushmen, and are now amongst t

South African journey

Unexpectedly I was asked to host a Workshop at the first ever Ubuntu Festival in South Africa. What an amazing opportunity! I made the most of it by visiting a friend of mine that I had met in the Galapagos Islands and going on Safari in the Kruger Park. But there is a lot more to this story......... the energy in South Africa was like no other I have ever felt. As a white woman travelling on my own I met so many amazing people, a lot of sadness, huge generosity and many stories told from the heart. Maropeng - Cradle of Humankind

Drumming Ceremony to the Full Moon

Last night at the delightful Eco-Art Centre Eia in Istria we ceremonially recognised the beauty and sacredness of the full moon.Through a Ritual of Cleansing and Drumming we connected with the Elements, released hidden chains with the past, asked for forgiveness and focused our intentions on manifesting dragon energy at this powerful time.


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