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FREE YOUR VOICE and connect with your soul: Poland

This Retreat is the opportunity to take a guided journey to that place deep inside of you where your inner self resides. Then by using the power of sound to liberate your authentic voice and clarify your intentions for future happiness. This work is not about singing and you do not need to have singing experience or a desire to sing publicly. We will be working on giving and receiving our voice to each other, in a safe and supportive environment. When you connect with your inner self – that’s when the change really happens! Location This Retreat will be held at the delightful Dwór Zieleniewskich guest house, a historical mansion set in parkland about 30 minutes from Kraków, Poland. Dwór Zieleniewskich is easily accessible from Kraków or Katowice airport by public transport or by an organised shuttle. We will have exclusive use of the hotel and its facilities for the weekend and the accommodation is in two, three or four bedded spacious rooms with en suite bathrooms. Programme ​The overall programme of the Retreat will follow the path of the Medicine Wheel and we will use the five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether as the focus for the different sessions. This traditional way of looking at the inter-connectivity of all things will help us to see the rhythms, cycles and patterns that exist in our own lives and connect them to our inner voice. Working with the breath we will explore our energy bodies and gently clear and balance our chakras. The chakras are subtle energy points around the body, which act as gateways between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Chakra healing techniques bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies into balance, a very important element of healing and spiritual growth. This process will also provide a pathway for journeying deeper into the spirit world. We will also work on identifying personal intentions for future happiness and positive change, and as Ceremony is an essential part of holistic healing, we will hold an ‘Intentions Setting Ceremony’ in the final session. This workshop is for you if: -you want to empower your voice and build your self-confidence -you want to expand your potential for living life to the full -you would like the time to give and to receive heart connections -you are interested in exploring the power of sound, ancient wisdom teachings and your voice. I work in English but don't worry if your English is not that good, I speak slowly and clearly and have many years experience of working with non-native English speakers!

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