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You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Today was the third day of my Camino. In some ways it was very beautiful - we started early after an amazing stay in Casa Fernanda.  Fernanda and her family provide an extraordinarily hospitable stay for pilgrims. We were very lucky as 2 people had cancelled and we stayed in the Casa and a she provided us with tapas, a beautiful home cooked meal, we were plied with local wine.  We sang, laughed,  connected and just felt so LUCKY!!

This morning we started our day with a good breakfast and all for a voluntary donation. Fernanda loves the Camino and the pilgrims.  She does this 7 days a week,  52 weeks a year - with love.  She was very clear why she did it because she wants the pilgrims to walk in Truth and Love.  It was a truly special evening. 

Jenny and Fernanda 

The walk was also lovely in the cool of the morning but for some reason I felt very emotional.  All good I think,  letting things come to a head,  appreciating,  feeling so blessed and honoured to be doing this Camino. 

I made a video  but got cut off so it is rather short! 

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